New Clarifier Drives

Rebuild-it's new clarifier drive technology is here! The new RSG clarifier drive design is tough and reliable. In addition, it incorporates new technology that makes this drive very unique, versatile and dependable.

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The most advanced clarifier drives on the market


Monitor and control a network of integrated drives from anywhere.


Optimize the rake speed of the clarifier drive to allow for optimal control.


We supply top rated premium drives to retrofit any type of clarifier or thickener.

Optimized for efficiency 

Maximize performance of your clarifiers with the CM Series drives. These drives allow you to optimize the rate of speed with a Variable Frequency so your drive works smarter, not harder.

Durability you can depend on

Our CM drives are designed for toughness and reliability. Have peace of mind knowing they will outlast and outperform other drives on the market.

Scan for quick access 

Each drive has a QR code that gives you instant access to warranty info, parts, maintenance guidance, and how-to videos.

Innovating the next generation of drives 

This clarifier drive integrates the most innovative technology available. It has a built-in load cell technology, digital display, and NEMA 4X control panel.

CM Clarifier Drive Control Panel

New RSG Clarifier Drives

CM Series Drives: CM30, CM40, CM60

Other Drives on the market

Direct bolt in to several OEM's 

Available with some competitor drives

Integral load cell overload protection

Not available in competitor drives

Cast Iron base & gear

Available with some competitor drives

Condensate breather

Not available in competitor drives

VFD speed control

Not available in competitor drives

NEMA 4X control panel

Not available in competitor drives

4-20 ma output standard

Not available in competitor drives

Stainless oil piping and ball valves

Not available in competitor drives

UV polyurethane final coating system

Not available in competitor drives


We have a large inventory of rebuilt drives ready to ship to you. We also have a wide range of used parts and equipment that is available to get you up and operational.


Our network of professionals have many years of experience working in wastewater or water treatment plants.