RSG Premium Launder Covers

Affordable and Durable Launder Covers

Our launder cover offering is unique, practical and affordable in providing a cost effective alternative to the brush systems and FRP covers currently offered.  The RSG covers are made from Aluminum with a Stainless Steel support system to ensure years of worry free operations, our design team has accounted for the most common wind and snow loading criteria during development. Our goal is provide a product that keeps the operator in mind. We have worked diligently with our manufacturing and installation teams to provide the best value to the our customers.  Please contact us for more information.

lauder Cover
Lauder Cover
Lauder Cover

Our new launder covers are designed with the following features and benefits:

  • Affordable alternative to expensive FRP covers

  • Eliminate brushes that can get hung up on the scum box and break themselves or the clarifier

  • Reduce algae growth keeping launders and weirs free flowing

  • Quality stainless steel and aluminum for longevity

Launder Cover
Launder Cover (002)-min

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