On-site Inspections and Recommendations

Rebuild-it offers free on site inspections

Rebuild-it's team of professional and experienced engineers and technicians will visit your site and perform inspections of your plant and the equipment.   We will evaluate the performance and overall condition of the equipment and provide our recommendations in a detailed inspection report along with a scope of work.

Our team has been inspecting clarifiers, thickeners and other types of equipment for several years.  A lot of the time we are able to solve the problems during our inspections.

We offer free inspections to our customers.  Contact us today and we will schedule your plant for a full inspection.  We have our factory trained representatives that can also be on site to inspect your equipment.  Contact us today for your free evaluation and inspection.

We have partnered with White Summit Engineering in providing process evaluations of the plant and equipment.  White Summit Engineering will also support our customers with specifications and full analysis of flow charts and P&ID's. We also have several other resources in helping our customers in making sure their equipment is operating at its potential no matter the budget.


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Our network of professionals have many years of experience working in wastewater or water treatment plants.  We have a team of experts focused on safety and quality.

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We offer the best value and quality when rebuilding your clarifier drives and equipment.  Our team of experts have been rebuilding all types of drives for many years.

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Our experienced and professional team of experts have been been providing start-up and commissioning services for years.

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We support our customers by rebuilding other manufacturer's drives and equipment.  Including WesTech, Envirex, Hi-Tech, DBS, Walker and many more.

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We rebuild Clarifiers, Thickeners, Drum Filters, Aeration Gearboxes, Trickling Filters, Sand Filters, Mixers and Many More

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