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We supply Dorr-Oliver® ODS Pumps and Parts, Krebs Pumps and Hydrocyclones and Krebs Knife Gate Vales.

RSG is a distributor for FLSmidth® for Dorr-Oliver® and KREBS® Pumps.

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ODS Pump

Dorr-Oliver® ODS® Pumps

The ODS® Diaphragm Pump design is the result of decades of experience in slurry- and sludge-handling technology. As part of your process flow, it will improve your plant performance and efficiency, even under the toughest conditions.

Gorator Pump

Dorr-Oliver® Gorator Pumps

The Gorator works on a simple inclined rotor principle, which gives the machine its self-cleaning, non-clog, trouble-free characteristics under the most difficult conditions, with a rotor at an oblique angle on the end of the pump shaft.


KREBS® Grit Pumps - hMAX

Vortex impeller pump in hard chrome iron construction with the impeller fully recessed out of the flowpath. Designed for pumping municipal grit and other low viscosity municipal fluids containing large solids with minimal shearing, solids degradation, or wear. hMAX pumps are capable of reliably pumping slurries with up to 30% entrained air without air locking.


KREBS® Sump Pumps - vMAX

The vMAX line of vertical cantilever pumps has a fully recessed impeller design permits passing of large solids and operation without the need for sump level control. The vMAX design provides reliable continuous operation, no required impeller adjustments, less downtime, and simple maintenance.


KREBS® Sludge Recirc Pumps - millMAX-e

Heavy duty pump in ductile iron or hard chrome iron construction with a high efficiency closed type impeller with a patented wear ring technology for durably maintaining performance throughout the life of the pump. millMAX-e pumps are designed to be capable of pumping various type of abrasive slurries at a high efficiency while providing a durable wear life.


KREBS® Cyclones

The Krebs Sewage Degritting Cyclones are simple, yet highly effective equipment for removing grit, sand and other inorganic solids from primary clarifier and grit chamber underflow streams in sewage treatment plants.

knife gate valves

Technequip Knife Gate Valves

Heavy duty, elastomer lined knife gate style isolation valve, designed for all types of fluids. A true bi-directional slurry valve featuring a full-port, open-body design, allowing the gate to create a path for entrained solids to be discharged through the bottom of the valve as the gate closes. These valves provide a 100% bubble-tight seal with zero downstream leakage when the valve is in the closed position. Also available in a wafer style construction allowing the valve to fit into a smaller face-to-face flange dimension, which also provides a more cost effective isolation valve solution for lighter duty slurry applications.

Dorr-Oliver®, ODS®, Krebs® and FLSmidth® are trademarks of FLSmidth A/S and used under license from FLSmidth.

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